Emma Gullon's review of 'A Little Pick Me Up'

At a time when women’s issues are finally being widely discussed, it’s important to find something that encourages and empowers us through life’s adversities. Katie Portman, award winning writer of the Pouting In Heels blog series, captures this perfectly with her debut book, A Little Pick Me Up.

This self – help book is all about having acceptance of yourself within yourself; regardless of age, background, or personal situation. All sorts of topics are spoken about, from fighting ageing, to juggling family and friends, as well as ‘taboo’ or barely-spoken-about subjects, such as abusive relationships and smear tests.

Each section of A Little Pick Me Up is divided by one-worded emotions that may affect how we view ourselves, like fear and doubt. At the end of each segment, there’s a page of bullet-pointed recaps going over everything Katie speaks about, in a way you can look over at any time as…well, ‘a little pick me up’!

As Katie explains at the beginning, the beauty of A Little Pick Me Up is that you don’t even need to read the whole thing. If there’s a section that doesn’t apply to you, you can skip over to one that does, or you can return again and again – whenever life gets a little overwhelming – and read over the parts you already have, to be reminded of what empowerment feels like. It’s all about whatever helps YOU the most.

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