From old cover to new cover...

For 'From Highlights to Lowlifes' (see what we did there?!).

The original cover design, though appropriate to the book's story and with elements that were direct references, wasn't visually enticing. As we judge a book by its cover, it doesn't matter how 'clever' you try to be with a design; until someone picked up a copy of 'From Highlights...' they probably wouldn't have understood the cover references. And without an attractively-designed cover, they probably wouldn't pick up the book in the first place.

Old design

Cover design means everything.

It should also include the 'visual language' of the book's genre. For instance, without the snippet of an image of a woman behind bars within the original design, you would have no idea that this book is of the true crime genre. And even then, it's not absolutely clear. The cursive font indicates that the book's audience may be female; however, when looking at other books within this category, they don't seem to make such a distinction. Women, clearly, pick up true crime books even if their covers are arguably masculine in design.

The wonderful Stephen Caile at Novus Marketing Solutions created the new design.

It's now clear that the book is about crime...crystal clear. It evokes suspense and its colour palette is limited and dark, which also creates atmosphere.

New design

What do you think? Do you see the new design as an improvement? Which design (if any) would see you pick up the book, if you saw these covers side by side in a book store? Tweet us at @HallGoodBooksUK

If you would like some design magic sprinkled on your book cover, get in touch with Stephen via Novus Marketing Solutions.

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