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Two more great reviews for Ms. Portman...

Katie's book, 'A Little Pick Me Up' featured on Ambience London, who recommended it as one of their Top 5 Books for 2020. Here's what they said...

"This book is a brilliant buddy for providing assurance, inspiration and empathy galore. Author Katie Portman explains her own story, highlighting ways as women we have historically been made to feel bad about ourselves. By outlining this pertinent point and using her voice to chart deeply personal life chapters, the reader can navigate moments of self-doubt or low confidence with Katie’s powerfully supportive voice. The ideal size to pop in your handbag for on the move too, you can easily flick through pages and pinpoint accessible, kind and hugely relevant wisdom. This was my favourite book to be released in 2019 and I’d thoroughly recommend ordering a copy."

A Little Pick Me Up also appeared on reviewer Keene on Books' blog. They said, "This is a beautiful book and really helps me feel more positive. I recommend that everyone reads this book if they are feeling a little down, especially during these hard times."

The pandemic has certainly caused us to stop and think about things: the fragility of life, our futures, what's really important to us...Katie's book further highlights how we should make the most of each day. She empowers readers to realise their own self-worth and gives them to confidence to do whatever makes them happy. Available in paperback and as an eBook, A Little Pick Me Up can be read in its entirety or in short spurts, as a mood booster, when things threaten to overwhelm.

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